News - 14th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), sponsored by CBDepot

25 May 2017 10 reasons to join the “14th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)” Cologne (Germany), 7. – 8. June 2017

1. Industrial Hemp delivers a remarkable global performance and attracts more and more investments.

2. Hemp is a multi-purpose crop, a biorefinery by nature, delivering fibres, shives, seeds and pharmaceuticals at the same time.

3. The cultivation area in the European Union increased continuously from 1994 (ca. 8,000 ha) to more than 33,000 ha in 2016 (the largest area since the second world war). We see similar developments in Canada and China. In the USA, the cultivation of industrial hemp will start in 2018.

4. The conference is the worldwide meeting point for the international hemp industry and the biggest event on industrial hemp worldwide.

5. 190 participants from 40 countries have already registered. More than 250 participants and 20 exhibitors are expected. Book you stand now!

6. 70% of the participants are from the industry.

7. Established for 14 years – don’t miss this opportunity to network with the pioneers and market leaders and to grow your business.

8. Face-to-face meetings through a professional online match-making tool.

9. Meet your business partners at the festive gala dinner.

10. Top presentations you never saw before. Full programme including a session on CBD

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Meet us at CBDepot booth during the whole conference .

Check out the presentation “General Update on CBD Regulations in Europe” by Boris Baňas on June 8th (second day, lunch time)

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