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24 Nov 2015 Absolutely legally and without a prescription!

Prague, 5 Nov 2015 – CANNABIS Pharmacame, as the first in the Czech Republic, with a concept of natural, legal and highly effective products containing cannabidiol (CBD), labelled as CBDex. It is a unique concept, unparalleled world-wide, of “hemp without a prescription” that comprises a portfolio of 11 product lines in four application forms providing for the maximum utilisation of the positive properties of CBD in absolute compliance with the effective legislation of the Czech Republic.

A hemp plant contains more than 80 known cannabinoids, nevertheless the primary position with respect to public awareness is still occupied by the psychoactive substance of THC, or at least it has been so until the present day. The second best-known cannabinoid following the THC is cannabidiol or CBD that is not psychoactive and is medically more beneficial than the mentioned THC. Cannabidiol provides for a broad and, most importantly, legal use in the fields of medicine, cosmetics or food industry. “The CBDex products are highly effective in both calming a person down, as well as in a range of health problems, such as hypertension, epilepsy, anxiety or sclerosis multiplex. Cannabidiol is not narcotic, has no side effects, cannot be overdosed and is suitable for all age categories,” says Jan Janovský, a Cannabis Pharma executive.

Elation without narcotisation

The new CBDex product line aims not only at providing care for the body, but also at ensuring mental hygiene and the relaxation of the mind. A pleasant relaxation is enabled by four of the new products that are characterised by the producer’s slogan of “elation without narcotisation”. Products relieving medical difficulties, as well as those designed for the moments of relaxation are available in the four following application forms: children. very comfortable, active substances are better and faster absorbed. harmful substances are generated during their use, which has been confirmed by a recent official study from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, Czech Republic.

  • CAPSULA – 100% natural food supplement in the form of capsules with hemp extract obtained from hemp flowers;
  • VAPOR – 100% natural inhaler refills. An effective and regardful way of application, suitable also for
  • TINCTURA – A practical administration of tincture drops straight in the mouth (ideally under one’s tongue) is
  • LIQUID – 100% natural e-liquids are applied in electronic cigarettes or in an appropriate vaporiser. No

All CBDex products are available as from 5 November 2015 through our e-shop at,” says Roman Kubeš, a Cannabis Pharma executive. “The way to a new product line took many years; the sole development of an industrial method to separate cannabidiol from the technical hemp extract lasted for more than two and a half years,” adds Jan Janovský and continues: “Our concept of hemp without a prescription is unique in a world-wide scale. We believe the public will start associating hemp with CBD for its curative potential and cannabidiol will thus finally and deservedly step out of the shadow of the controversial THC." class="tr"> Visit online
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