News - Czech Ministry of Health grants export authorization for full spectrum cannabis extract.

18 Jun 2020 PharmaCan s.r.o., the founding JV partner in CBDepot, receives his first export authorization for full spectrum Cannabis extract from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic to Spain.

PharmaCan, the Prague based cannabis extraction facility prepares for export of 500 grams of the full-spectrum distilled Cannabis extract made from industrial hemp based on the issued export authorization by Czech Ministry of Health.

“This is a huge milestone for our licensed cannabis extraction facility towards developing a standardized, THC containing full spectrum extracts for new markets and applications.

This could not happen without the business intelligence of our daughter company CBDepot and its chief sales officer Boris Baňas” says Dr. Jan Storch, CEO of PharmaCan.

The recipient of the extract is Worldpharma Biotech S.L., a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients from vegetable sources. Their AEMPS-registered manufacturing plant specializes in the extraction, isolation and purification of high-value compounds in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry.

“Worldpharma Biotech has been authorized by Spanish Ministry of Health to work with cannabis extracts from PharmaCan in order to carry out preclinical research in the scope of nervous system diseases and in the development of drugs for topical use.” says Juan José García Miguel, the CEO of Worldpharma Biotech.

“Delivery will take place in early July as soon as flight connections to Valencia resume. Our shipping agents have already prepared the compliant logistics route”, says Baňas.

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