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27 Nov 2023 As we witness a new round of legal hostilities by Italian and Portuguese authorities against using isolated Cannabidiol, CBDepot can still offer synthesized Cannabidiol for applications and jurisdictions that ban the use of natural, isolated CBD.

Founded in 2015, CBDepot has established itself as a pioneering producer and B2B supplier of upmarket cannabinoid solutions, leading in the creation of legal and quality standards for cannabinoid ingredients and the formulation of cannabidiol derivatives.

With its sister company, CB21 Pharma, this Czech group of innovative companies serves fast-growing markets in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and health products sectors with high-quality natural and synthesized cannabinoids and cannabis-derived ingredients.

“It became vital for CBDepot to be able to supply both versions of CBD to the market. Some jurisdictions show contempt against the isolated CBD, and this is where we can fit in and help with our CBD synthesized,” says Boris Baňas, the co-founder and CSO of CBDepot.

CBDepot’s current strapline “Upmarket Cannabinoid Solutions “reflects its new ability to offer cannabinoid ingredients and substances to various markets such as cosmetic, food, and food supplements, with Europe-wide recognition as a strong, ethical, and transparent supplier of cannabinoids.

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