News - CBDepot group announces new EU GMP compliant manufacturing site for Cannabidiol APIs

23 Jun 2020 On June 22nd 2020 the Czech National Competent Authority State Institute for Drug Control issued a CERTIFICATE OF GMP COMPLIANCE OF A MANUFACTURER to CB21 Pharma s.r.o, the sister company of CBDepot. Certificate number sukls336513/2019 covers the manufacture of Cannabidiol Active substance and will be visible in the EudraGMDP system within a few days’ time.

“This allows CB21 Pharma to bring to the pharmaceutical markets both synthesized and isolated Cannabidiol APIs through exclusive distribution and brokerage arrangements with CBDepot”, says Dr. Jan Storch the CEO of CB21 Pharma.

During the CPhI 2017 event in Frankfurt, CBDepot introduced as the first company in the EU isolated GMP CBD via 3rd party contract manufacturer from Prague. Since summer 2019 the group took on a project of relocation of Cannabidiol manufacture to new premises in Brno.

“We are extremely excited our pharma-specific team managed to deliver the regulatory approval pretty much within deadline leaving aside the quarantine measures which have caused three months delay in the auditing process. Next two big steps are submitting Active Substance Master File and implementation of decarboxylation and distillation processes which will also allow us to provide full-spectrum APIs for various pharmaceutical uses”, says Boris Baňas, the CSO of CBDepot.

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