News - All CBDepot’s Novel Food applications are now declared valid by both European Commission and the UK’s Food Safety Agency (FSA)

24 Feb 2022 On February 15th, 2022, the European Commission (EC) declared CBDepot’s Novel Food application NF 2021/2283 for isolated trans-Cannabidiol as valid. This sets the number of CBDepot’s valid Novel Food applications with EC and FSA to four.

CBDepot’s commitment to Novel Food compliance began in early 2016, shortly after Cannabis Pharma launched the CBDex® brand. CBDepot’s EU application NF 2019/1371 was the first-ever CBD-specific dossier to have reached validation on March 27th, 2020. The NF2019/1371 covers synthesized trans-Cannabidiol.

In early January 2021, CBDepot filed two Regulated Product applications with the UK FSA to grant access for its two grades of Cannabidiol to the most significant legal CBD food supplement market worldwide: application RP70, for Synthesized Cannabidiol with 4MP®- branded secondary products in the forms of carrier oils, measured dose spray, and chewable tablets, and application RP85, for Isolated Cannabidiol and CBDex®-branded secondary products in the form of carrier oils linked to this dossier. In April 2021, both RP70 and RP85 were declared valid by UK FSA.

“Having four validated applications out of four submitted and appearing on the shortlist of the few validated applications, confirms CBDepot’s position as the leader in the compliant, upmarket cannabinoid sector,” stresses Boris Baňas group’s, Chief Sales Officer.

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